What is life.fdsfsdfsdcontacts?

life.contacts makes communication really fast and simple. Our widget shows people you actually talk to directly on your home screen and enables communication with minimal effort. You even get notifications of missed calls and SMS if you don't have your phone with you.

How do I get started?

Just add the life.contacts widget on your home screen and you are ready to go. It's really easy.

However we do recommend that turn on the online mode to get more interesting features.

How do I switch to online mode?

Tap the menu bar that says "life.contacts" up in the top left corner of the widget. Then follow the instructions.

Why should I use online mode?

There are a couple of features that are only available in online mode.

Facebook pictures

If you don’t have pictures of your contacts, life.contacts can do the job for you by getting pictures from Facebook and populate the widget. This requires that you and your contact are friends on Facebook.


Get notified about missed calls/SMS when away from the phone. life.contacts can send you e-mail notifications of missed calls and SMS messages when away from your phone. Then pick up the conversation on any preferred media.

life.contacts to go

Bring your widget with you. If you change phones, simply activate online mode and your widget will be populated with your most frequently used contacts.

When using online mode your data is also securely stored on our servers in case something happens to your phone. Like an online backup.

Large and small widget?

The large widget shows 9 contacts use two rows on your home screen. The small widget shows 5 contacts and uses one row. It is all about how much home screen real estate you are willing to give up.

What can I do with my widget?

Simply tap one of your contacts and choose how to get in touch with her. Make a call, send an SMS, send an e-mail, use Google Talk or any other available media

What contacts are shown?

The application automatically tries to select contacts that are relevant for you, the ones you actually communicate with. The selection may change as it learns by your behaviour. We will also continuously fine-tune our algorithms.

I send a lot of SMS messages to a friend, but she's not on the widget

Currently SMS messages is only included in online mode. Please tap the life.contacts menu bar to go online.

I want to remove a contact

Click the contact in the widget and select the life.contacts icon. (You may need to scroll to the right to see the life.contacts icon.) Then enable the checkbox named "Hidden" to hide that contact from all life.contacts widgets.

How can I bring back a contact I have hidden from life.contacts?

Find the contact in your address book, open it and go into the "life.contacts Profile" of that contact. You can disable the "Hidden" checkbox from there.

Where do the pictures come from?

We use the contact pictures from your address book. If you are in online mode we can also use pictures of your friends from Facebook.

The pictures in my widget are looking dull

Under settings you can apply a couple of image filters to customize your widget and make the pictures look more like you prefer them to be.

I get anonymous silhouette pictures on contacts

It's the default picture we use if we can't find any picture for a contact. You really should use online mode or add pictures to your contacts to enhance your phone experience. Most applications that use contacts (incl. life.contacts) will look better if you have pictures on your contacts.

I don't get any contacts in my widget

We only show people you have as contacts in your address book and that you have communicated with. Adding people as contacts and calling them will get your widget populated.

I don't want to see the names on my widget

Under settings you will find the "Show contact name" checkbox where you can show/hide the names of your contacts in the widgets.

What if I change phones?

Make sure you use life.contacts in online mode on your old phone. Install life.contacts on your new phone, switch to online mode with same account and you will get your widget just like it was on your old phone.

Can I use two phones?

Yes, using life.contacts on both phones works even if you use different SIM cards. Just use online mode, with the same account, on both phones.

Why do I need to login with an account?

You don't. But in order to give you the extra online features, we need to store personal data (like your contacts) and therefore we must be able identify you.

To spare you the effort of creating "yet another" user name and password, we let you use accounts you already have. Right now we only support Facebook but this may change.

Why use Facebook?

Facebook provides a superior login experience in your Android phone and the start-up experience is very important. Using your Facebook account also gives the application access to pictures of your friends to display in the widget.

So you store the data at Facebook?

No, we only use your Facebook account to identify who you are. All your data is stored securely in our service.

Do you store my Facebook password?

No, your password is manged by Facebook. Even the login screen is not provided by us, it's is provided by Facebook and we don't ever get access to your password.

Do you store any other data from Facebook?

We store minimal data from your Facebook profile in our system, only data that we must have to provide the features. E.g. we do store your e-mail address to be able to send you e-mail notifications. We don't store any data about your friends, but we temporarily cache pictures locally in you phone to be able to display them efficiently.

I want to login with my Google account

At the moment you cannot log in with you Google account. This may however be added in a later release.

Where will I get my notifications?

Your notifications will be sent to the primary e-mail address you have attached to your login account.

Can I change e-mail address?

No, not at the moment. If your e-mail provider supports filters and e-mail forwarding, its easy to set-up a rule to forward notifications to any other e-mail account.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes. Under Settings you can turn on/off your notifications.

Can you read my text messages?

No. Your text messages are only passing our system when we send notifications. They are are not stored or logged in our system.

It doesn't install

You need to have an Android 2.1 phone, or newer.

It doesn't work

Please contact us: life.contacts@labs.sonyericsson.com

I want other features

Please contact us: life.contacts@labs.sonyericsson.com